Biometric Systems For Computer (PC ) Use of computer accessories in biometrics Biometric systems interpret the physical characteristics of people, something inherent in each individual and not transferable to access systems or locations without the person having to remember passwords or carry cards with chips incorporated which can be stolen, copied or lost. These systems are composed of a biometric device that captures the physical features of the person and a biometric software that analyzes and processes to verify that the individual is who he claims to be. Safety, comfort and speed are three characteristic features of biometric security are accelerating the adoption of these systems in pursuit of total security. Typically, these biometrics are based on the characteristics of the iris, face, voice, hand or fingerprints. The most common biometric device is currently the fingerprint reader (fingerprint reader), as these are available also as a PC accessory, that connect to the USB port of the computer and then install the software that usually comes with the reader, allows for example, replacing Windows passwords by the user's fingerprint or encrypt files using the fingerprint as the key. Several devices are fingerprint readers, when I recommend choosing one and eNDeSS software that came with the reader, which with its characteristics of strength, durability, small size, false finger sensor detector and efficiency with all of tracks, make it a good choice for any...

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