Access Control Systems Access control systems are an essential part of integrated security systems. Independent functions that implement system access control: Protect inputs and outputs from unauthorized access, identification of incoming records employee time, track number of visitors. Together with the fire alarm, cctv and operational communication system access control can perform additional functions. These include the automatic unlock of all outputs, if necessary evacuation, transfer the signal to include surveillance cameras at the entrance of a person in the protected area and other activities. The structure of the system access control is pretty simple. Each point is equipped with any locking device: door turnstiles, barriers, lock cabin. Manages the device controller - the basic element of the system access control. The controller gives the command of the opening and closing of locks, holds the memory of the event (a there is evidence of passage through the point), in other words, controls the crossing equipment. Source of information for which the controller gives commands, is usually the reader. The reader perceives data that allowed a specific person entrance to the facility. Access control systems working with readers who recognize the proximity of different types of cards, electronic keys, biometric data (fingerprint, iris), entering pincode. In addition, controllers can be programmed for different actions depending on time of day and other parameters. Controllers installed in elevators, can limit not...

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