Smart Meters - Better Overview The intelligent electricity meter is on the rise. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. Leipzig. The intelligent electricity meter is on the rise. Regional pilot projects show: the smart meter helps conserve power and is based on an eco-friendly energy policy. Electricity consumers can recognize in their household energy guzzlers and use savings potentials, privacy advocates are skeptical, utilities are under pressure to act which smart meters is not without controversy. Since January 2010 legal obligation for new buildings and extensively renovated buildings, smart electricity meters to pave the way for Smart grids and reduce electricity costs. With the new electricity meter, consumers can promptly to control their energy consumption, identify energy-efficient devices, analyse consumption times and day time-dependent planning consumption. About the PC performance and consumption data are stored and evaluated. The utilities automatically reads the counter via a telecommunications network. Cause exactly this versatility of the technology Consumer advocates concern: the consumer becomes the transparent customer? Let draw inferences on the life habits of the customers from the data? However outweigh positive: consumers are made aware of the issue and the intelligent electricity meters are ultimately Energiesparhelfer. End of December 2010 at the latest the provider must offer appropriate day time-dependent or load-variable rates. Smart meters also form an essential basis for a green energy policy, because future...

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