Latin America Unlike the technical preparation, a country's productive resources do not have the immediacy in its dynamism that requires the competitive level. The problem of the technological disadvantage gained importance in the Decade of the 1980s in some countries of the region. He argued widely about the need to implement programmes of industrial restructuring, as a movement that backed attempts to industrialization of the 1960s. Level already reached obsolescence had worried entrepreneurs, especially to large. In reality, it is not a new problem. Some analysts say that examining Latin American history, backwardness in science and technology is a determinant of the dependency. In other words, is a way of measuring the underdevelopment and a reason for mapping of the ranking of countries in the area. By historical reasons, as pointed out by Jaime Acosta doors in 1988 in his Latin America article: do models of industrialization and technological innovation? Science and technology, to be efficient a society, they require new political conditions, economic and social that she herself can not invent discussed, that the crisis of the fordist capitalism that found its own limitations and contradictions as production with the processes of capitalist accumulation system, was the cause that fired the revolution technology scientist who rearranges the productive system in multinational agencies that promote globalization processes. Reanade in addition, that regulation of the processes of economic...

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