Packaging Industry Intelligent business software solution for the printing and packaging industry DVSERP the software for the printing and packaging industry given of the harder now that economic conditions is for companies more than ever, as effectively as possible to make their production and business processes for cost reasons. For this purpose, intelligent business software solutions, known as ERP software, are indispensable. Customer management, order processing, and much more can be through such programs more smoothly and with less effort in smaller and medium-sized companies equal to what industry. The company covers the entire business model for the printing and packaging industry with DVSERP DVS system software from Iserlohn. The software includes request - and project management, spreadsheet (for multi-part products, displays, etc.), offer being, article management and procurement and materials management, production planning and control (incl. operating data acquisition), Data acquisition and performance statistics, quality management, finished inventory, delivery note, invoice and credit, order settlement and statistical evaluations. Packaging development with the help of CAD up to the 3D and the control of plotters also belongs to the portfolio. What is special about the concept of the DVS system is that it involves the entire structural area as a vital source of original data consistently. It offers the possibility for freely definable cost centers, benefits packages, free depictable production processes, etc. It can freely reproduce the...

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