PVC Cards Plastic cards everyone knows that plastic cards are not used exclusively as a means of payment, but may be framed within a company's overall marketing strategy and be employed to develop actions of acquisition, loyalty, cross-selling, etc. Plastic cards are a world in which serve as a tool of loyalty or gift to their clients, with the purpose of creating long term relationships between company and consumer. Companies supply to its clients plastic (PVC) cards, plasticized cardboard, polyester, ecological (without PVC, PVC laminated, sintered PVC, PETG, PVC recycled and PLA corn). And all of them accordance with CR80 (ISO/IEC 7810/11) and with a high quality lamination process. It is common to find us suppliers that exclusively supply neutral (white) plastic cards or printed, but which can incorporate many different utilities to cards: plastic cards with magnetic stripe LO-CO: low coercivity-HI-CO: high coercivity cards plastic with radio frequency (RFID) chip (smartcard) plastic cards plastic cards with barcode plastic cards with signature panel plastic cards with scratch scratch panel (scratch) plastic cards with hologram plastic cards with metallic inks with UV inks (UVI) plastic cards plastic cards stamped with special formats (card Keychain, minicard, any format). Plastic cards can be printed in offset, serigraphy, digital or hot stamping. Depending on the Chuck we will try to optimize the ratio of their plastic cards. Direct Marketing companies, aided...

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