Electronic Cigarettes About electronic cigarettes should know every smoker. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Incredibly interesting to think about the possibilities associated with e-cigarette, and maybe someday they could completely replace conventional cigarettes and sharply reduce the incidence of cancer and other diseases caused by smoking. Despite the fact that there was no formal studies of safety-related electronic cigarette, many prominent scientists, researchers and tobacco say that electronic cigarettes are likely much safer than regular cigarettes. It is known that the main damage to health have a cigarette combustion. It should be noted that the substances contained in smoke Cigarettes are deadly to humans. When a person breathes in these combustion by-products, including hazardous chemicals like carbon monoxide and tar, these chemicals seep into the blood, lung damage and adversely affect other vital body functions. With regard to electronic cigarettes, they allow smoking without actually inhaling any combustion products. Because they really do not burn. On fact, electronic cigarettes simply evaporate liquid nicotine, similar to what happens when you boil water. Instead of inhaling smoke, you inhale water vapor mixed with nicotine and flavoring. This evaporation supply nicotine into the bloodstream, but without all the other substances contained in smoke real cigarettes. In addition to quantitative reduction of harmful chemicals, there is a qualitative difference, which can only be understood, people who have switched...

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