Telematics Awards In the online-led TOP LIST of the leading telematics providers", provides a complete overview of providers, services, and products of telematics Markt.de since the beginning of the year. For more specific information, check out Steve Wozniak. "You published in addition scientifically, not in the laboratory accompanied comparison tests," the provider, but with real users "have taken place under practical conditions. These independent tests performed by the trade journal telematics market. Positive outcome reflected, as also the awards and nominations for the telematics award on the ranking in the TOP LIST. For this reason, the absolute level of the industry is every year"the procurement of the Telematics Awards. This award an independent and expert selection of the best filters for users and other interested parties Telematics companies and systems that are available in the German-speaking area. Telematics Markt.de leading journal of the telematics industry MKK market communication is editor of telematics Markt.de. Telematics is a cross-cutting technology that link the areas of navigation, positioning and communication and computer science. It includes all applications based on wireless transmission of information of every kind and its subsequent processing. The journal telematics Markt.de aims for this technology and research an all-encompassing market and information space"between manufacturers and users to create, move closer to the attention of the public to the young and innovative telematics industry. Telematics Markt.de binds nationwide...

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