Market Study On Real-time Monitoring Software The study is now available in the ILO-shop. In times of growing complexity and increasing dynamics, it is crucial to make processes and enterprise applications transparently and flexibly for a company's success. Against the background of increasing amounts of data, the requirements for a continuous internal and external data processing also change in real time. There are new technologies, by means of which monitor significant events among themselves be allows their relationships in real time and the analysis with high processing speeds with complex event processing (CEP) and event stream processing (ESP). This enables organizations to respond immediately and appropriately to certain events and critical conditions. The Fraunhofer IAO provides the functionality of the event processing tools available on the market with the market study an overview. This usually also possibilities of integration in the in addition to the pure event processing in real time already offer existing IT landscape, modeling and analysis tools as well as tools for the Visual representation in the form of dashboards. In addition to commercial products, even mature open source solutions are considered in the market overview. The available products and their functionalities have been collected through online research and reading relevant literature. The data collection took place in the period from August to October 2010. The market survey was created in the framework of the research project funded...

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