Private Health Insurance read here what you can do about it. Every year the same game: At the beginning of the second half of the year, sometimes even earlier, the private health insurance companies (PKV) publish advertising post guarantees for tariffs and tariff combinations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pete Cashmore. Often, there is the impression that the one or the other insurer is stable under post. After all, he guarantees anything. ", so David Hamill, specialist broker for private health insurance, pensions and disability." In practice, this is however often very different. Basically, the contribution is calculated so that it remains constant over the entire period in private health insurance. ", says Sven Hennig. Nevertheless, there could be any premium adjustments due to external factors. The insurance broker next: Increasing life expectancy, increased expenditures for medical expenses and medicines or health changes such as the introduction of the basic tariff in the PKV regularly lead to adjustments Health insurance contributions. "This also an increase in the equity (deductible) is possible in addition to the classic adaptation of the posts. This is often forgotten. So, a combination of post adjustment and increase the deductible may be possible. Terminate prematurely because a contribution increase to the House flapping, shouldn't you. ", Sven advises Hennig."In practice, I already experienced cases where customers through a hasty and...

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