Construction Work Methods During the development of methods of engineering analysis of structures has become evident in the emergence of a distinct need for methods of estimating the structure of wall materials, including reinforced concrete. Implementation of practical and experimental calculations in determining the strength led to a significant number of practical methods for determining the resistance to fracture of concrete. Virtually every one used at this stage techniques has a certain scope, good sides and bad quality, requires the use of simple devices or complex microcontroller sensor. In order to more fully understanding techniques should be considered to classify these techniques. The main sign of classification is the theoretical essence, the situation in the core technology of measurement. On the way to impact on test sample techniques agreed to share with the complete destruction of the test sample, with local destruction and non-destructive methods. Such a division into classes, we believe, shows the essence of tighter procedures, and proceeds of the above conditions. If during a test sample of unstructured and will not be used for subsequent use in a direction similar way is defined in the classification as destructive. If the jbi will be suitable for use, but after testing it should be to repair reinforced concrete, this method should be attributed to the methods with fragmentalnoy destruction. Nedestrukturiruyuschie technologies provide a force on the block,...

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