Electrical Manufactures Association Description. The Programmable Logical Controllers (CLP) had appeared of the necessity to formulate controls logical that before they were carried through by relays of low trustworthiness, difficult maintenance and great dimensions, for controllers of bigger flexibility, capable to support the industrial environment, of easy maintenance, and that pods to be programmed and to be reprogramado. For 1968 return the General Motors Corporation started to develop established electronic projects in the relays, under the leadership of the engineer Richard Morley, were prepared a specification to take care of the necessity of the automobile industry, as well as of all the manufacturing industry, transferring the modifications of the hardware to modifications in software. Where before the wirings needed modifications in all, that demanded time, or many of became it to the times impracticable, for modifications only in the program. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. The CLP became an indispensable equipment for industry, its capacity of processing increased considerably, executing more complex functions, mainly when in the decade of 70 they had been introduced the micron processing, allowing bigger flexibility of programming. Currently the CLPs is equipment well more complex, acting in such a way in discrete control how much in the automation of the manufacture in continuous processes, with the most varied capacities, being able to control independent processes...

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