Automated Synchronization New software product REALTECH SyncAssist accelerated change and development processes in SAP landscapes Walldorf, March 12, 2009 REALTECH AG, manufacturer of application - and system-management software, as well as SAP consultancy, offering a new software product for automatic matching distributed SAP landscapes. The REALTECH SyncAssist allows synchronizing software releases SAP project and production environments and helps companies release updates. Use in modern IT environments more and more SAP customers in addition to the existing 3-system landscape, an additional 2-system project environment. This consists of a development and a quality assurance system. New developments are carried out and tested on these two systems. To ensure the smooth transfer of new developments in the productive operation, it is essential that both system landscapes always on an identical software status. Manually performed the necessary reconciliation is very tedious, error-prone and binds valuable development and administration resources. A software that solves this problem elegantly and user-friendly was not available to date on the market. REALTECH has this gap with its new product SyncAssist ". If you are not convinced, visit Ali Partovi. Thus, the synchronization process between SAP can perform automated and thus secure environments. Adjustments are made in the 3-system landscape, the SyncAssist automatically receives the corresponding object list. The software automatically classified the individual objects listed in critical and non-critical objects. The SyncAssist takes over the uncritical...

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