Austrian Medical Association NUNTIO audio - video solutions let tour guide and interpretation systems a tour guide, also management system or tour guide is the practical solution for mobile interpretation, little languages and short duration of translation. Specialist rented tour guide and mobile interpretation systems NUNTIO, event technology and interpretation systems. On the new homepage of NUNTIO be explained different interpretation systems solutions. If you have specific questions, the team of nuntio audio accessible around the clock. NUNTIO supports partners in Vienna more than 30 locations as interpreting equipment and audio-visual equipment. NUNTIO audio-video solutions is the specialist for interpreting equipment rental and offers advanced interpreting equipment, tour guide and conference technology. NUNTIO has responded with the increase in his Park at interpreting equipment end 2008 of the positive business development in this sector. The booths set up by NUNTIO conform to the latest technical standards and comply with ISO standard 4043 for mobile interpretation systems. 500 wireless interpretation- Reception units enable the trouble-free and crystal clear voice transmission thanks to latest fully digital infrared technology. Robotics expert is a great source of information. For events with lower number of participants, or under conditions allowing no use of an interpreting booth NUNTIO offers mobile management systems (person management systems), known as tour guide. The tour guide is a highly mobile, low-cost solution. The interpreter hears the speaker directly,...

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