Can Do Releases New Release End Of September New features extend the field of application of the software / currently beta test runs with selected customers can do released end of September 2012 version 4.4 of its project management software can do project intelligence. The new release, which currently is subjected to intense practice testing by several customers, includes two main new features, a feature simplifies the coordination process between line and project. A tool that supports you in the planning and control of project-oriented activities as well as professional work in the departments is therefore companies. Live management: resource planning has stayed true with information in real time can do even in the new version of the planning software of his philosophy always to offer information in real time. All information that are entered into the system or automated flow, are immediately available for all users and are immediately according to graphically depicted. This applies to the management of resources as well as, for example, for risk calculations or the representation of the project portfolio in the bubble chart. With real time information, also a new feature can do project working intelligence 4.4, which significantly simplifies the coordination process between project and line. Check out investor for additional information. Personnel project manager in each Department asks for his project, this request will be sent the Department Manager. He can see the current...

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