ReSoft Network In addition, Internet traffic is considerably reduced. The third important characteristic of ReSoft network firewall is the simplest configuration and management, even if the network has multiple inbound and outbound interfaces. Extreme simplicity is achieved via the Control Panel, which was designed, that administrators avoid errors. The initial setting is performed through the step by step wizard, as well as the establishment of rules and objects. Incidentally, the predefined rules ensure the normal operation of the server, even if the administrator makes a mistake in the development of security strategy. It should also be noted that ReSoft network firewall allows you to create 3 administrators for certain applications and rules to restrict the use of processing logs. Prices and conditions ReSoft Network firewall 3 supports MS Windows 2000, XP, 2003 server, Vista, 2008 Server, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). The price for a license starts with $199 (up to 10 jobs). A discount can be granted to non-commercial educational and scientific institutions on large purchases. For more information and free trial version, visit the product page. Links: product page: products/networkfirewall / downloads: products/networkfirewall / Web site: about the company the company ReSoft, founded in 1999, specializes in development of user friendly and effective software that meets the needs of both the professional and the normal user. Learn more on the subject from Zendesk. The company's clients...

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