American Trucks And Tractors American trucks have long conquered the Russian roads, and this was not without reason. Expansion of American trucks and tractors made possible by their excellent technical characteristics. Surprisingly, it was trucks made in America, as well as possible to cope not only with our severe weather conditions, but also excellent ride on Russian challenging roads. Tractors of America is not afraid of any of our services, no refills. Aggregates of these trucks are durable and reliable. All tractors are equipped with hlormolibdenovoy steel frame with a lifetime warranty from fatigue cracks. Cabins them absolutely bezkoroziyny and have lightweight plastic bodywork. American trucks are slow-liter engines 10,9-15. Engine power ranges from 300-500 hp, and a real service life of these trucks 2,5-4 million miles. They also have two rear drive axles on air suspension with inter-axle lock. Transmission can be as mechanical coupling with the under-utilized and fully automatic. Most U.S. trucks sold today in the Russian market, have lineup. Which allows trucks equipped with spacious and comfortable cabin, thereby reducing vibronagruzku the driver. So is this line-up provides enhanced security truck. U.S. trucks on Russian roads Do not forget Russian traffic rules that restrict the total mass of the train and the permissible axle load. Due to such restrictions, and good traction American diesels American trucks c large margin of power can easily transport any...

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