Steingaden Touch QSS touch by Neumann & Neumann: a modern, super simple solution for the customer survey with instant evaluation for the satisfaction of employees of a company or an authority is as important as for the recovery of patients of a clinic or the healthy development of children in the all-day school the quality of canteen. Fresh, regional and if possible also organically grown foods, nutritionally balanced menus, appetizing arranged, large selection and a lot of variety in the daily supply and all this please for a small price: catering requirements continue to rise. The catering companies invest accordingly in their performance and the quality of their food supply. (www.neumann-neumann.de/ servicedienstleistungen_catering.html) But also note that the guests? They reward the efforts? Innovative catering and canteen operators to not chance the answer. Continue to learn more with: Mikkel Svane. With a continuous survey, they show the guests, that their Opinion matters. Make sure at the same time, that their improvement measures to increase guest satisfaction. And the corresponding documentation is a persuasive argument, when the next contract negotiations with the employer. E-QSS touch by Neumann & Neumann project- und Beratungs GmbH with seat in Steingaden is a brand new, innovative and above all super simple solution to continuously use the feedback of score, for quality management. A modern touch screen, three smileys in green, the appealing invitation...

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