Action Plan Hall Of Media Action Plan media classroom in secondary Humberto Zazueta Munoz La Paz Baja California Sur, Mexico We are convinced that education is one of the factors in the development of a country, therefore we support the student, student or teacher innovator and provider of knowledge and learning through educational tools with the support of ICTs to advance their learning skills and developing digital skills. Under our responsibility media classroom project was born as a comprehensive support scheme, aimed at strengthening and consolidating students, teachers and our school SHMZ. We establish a number of 40 users at most media in the classroom, to prepare materials such as manuals, PowerPoint presentations, software, Web sites, Excel documents, videos, images, gifs, blogs, wikis, email, among others, take action on the platform or server ensuring appropriate educational software to the topic, checking Internet connections, obtaining passwords, user names, inscriptions online courses for teachers and administrators. We set agendas and portfolios or learning logs for each student depending on the project in which they participate. Working Methods of multimedia technology, which we use in this room will integrate with media: audio, educational games, music, stereo audio for higher resolution and voice recorded by software, digital camera, graphics, animation and text at the same time. The main idea we have for Internet use is that you can browse and search the information you...

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