Add Digital Information The Hessian, working in the software development company InnoTeamS GmbH published their new, innovative and browser-based hyper video software ADIVI now also in Germany. The created hyper videos can be used as tutorials, technical documentation and multimedia presentation. Follow others, such as Ali Partovi, and add to your knowledge base. This allows the user a preview of hyper video material in the respective individual desired depth of information adapted to his knowledge. ADIVI hyperlink videos combine with those of the self-directed, interactive learning and letting the qualities of the audiovisual presentation of information. The reached high authenticity and vividness, cognitive processes are supported and purposefully directed. The implementation of sensitive regions in the video, which serve as an entry point of to display annotated information ADIVI enables an object-related confrontation with the offered content. ADIVI hyperlink videos enhance the fundamental value of the medium video, compared to other media such as text and graphics, to a Many times over. ADIVI is available both as standalone version on Windows operating systems, Server version with integrated rights management for distributed working in networks, available. The integrated WebPlayer functionality enables responsive and timely publishing and over browser-based systems. The use and display of ADIVI ADIVI hyperlink videos in the browser only the Adobe is required to Flash Player, that world already exists on 98% of all computers. The...

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