The Scope Within a conceptual architecture describes the requirements with regard to the following groups can, based on the cycle of the project: idea generation, idea evaluation portfolio program planning project planning project controlling program controlling portfolio controlling project completion a project management software can the General tasks of project management expanded, includes administration and configuration, interfaces, team collaboration, and personal information management. Manipulating date and time planning, resource management, quality management, risk management, status reporting includes the key requirements in any case, Cost management, project metrics, tasks, knowledge, and test management and issue management. Architecture criteria supplied by database structures, online help, project templates, and calendar. Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. There are other evaluations to the requirements for a project management software, where the criteria for the evaluation aimed at a structural approach in principle changed. For example, the requirements to the project cycle, but rather on the scope of a project are moored. Content are still basically any project management software supports adequate processes. Universal project management software a mix of tools, which actually is a project management software in their entirety, have been around longer. Consider only available within an Office program tools for text templates, graphics, calendars and spreadsheets. This tool mix is however quickly become confusing, what the modern project management software should just...

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