Software Systems software product - is to support health software product, the transition to its new version, making changes, correcting errors found, etc. Maintenance of software is a process allowing existing products to perform its functions with the continuation of sales, installation and use by its customers, thus bringing profit organization developer. In the waterfall model software maintenance stands out in a separate phase of the development cycle. In the spiral model that emerged during the development of object-oriented programming support is not allocated as a separate stage. Add to your understanding with Mikkel Svane. Nevertheless, this activity takes significant role, given the fact that usually about 2 / 3 life cycle of software systems to track. Term maintenance of software is determined by the ieee as "the process of modifying a software system or its components, conducted after delivery of the customer in order to eliminate failures, increase productivity or improve other characteristics of the system or adapt to the changing software environment. " Below we consider direction of maintenance of software products as an example of multimedia training systems (IAS) company "corporate system": Corrective maintenance - this correction of errors identified during testing or operation. Users expect from the developers of operational fixes found in the process of 'bugs' and are very angry if their comments are lost. Therefore, it is corrective maintenance on special...

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