Waterproofing Waterproofing assume, if not home then, of course, the most important role in the construction and repair work. We perform these types of waterproofing works as waterproofing foundations and walls, concrete and basements, underground waterproofing, waterproofing and garages, etc. Waterproofing have their own complexities and subtleties that one must consider the quality of the waterproofing work depends a great deal. Waterproofing Water and moisture - are the two main destructive factors that adversely affect the durability of buildings, lead to a deterioration in their performance. Moisture penetrating under the roof of our houses, walls and foundation, it becomes the cause of cracking, blistering and other defects. And the only way to protect against the damaging effects of this - is carrying out waterproofing work. Waterproofing buildings prevents the penetration of water, prevents the destruction serves to harden the design space in general, and in some cases, protects against corrosion, mold and rot. This type of insulation - is not only protection from external influence, but also the creation of a favorable microclimate and indoor humidity level of self-regulation. To protect buildings from moisture using different materials. Most popular among these lists metal, roll coating, waterproofing liquid consistency, cementing minerals, products based on bentonite clay, dry and penetrating materials. Types of waterproofing Waterproofing can be of different types depending materials and technology application. Paint - can...

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