Software Price Errors One of the most pressing problems in the modern company is a technological factor, and in particular, issues with software licensing is complicated and expensive process. Part of the error make employees IT-department, but the most dangerous is the incompetence in matters of licensing companies specializing in software implementation. A common mistake, resulting from the aspiration of such Companies save money the customer is illiterate and dangerous approach to implementation. This, for example, the installation of OEM-versions of software on existing PCs, subsequently leading to a huge company problems. Appointment of OEM-versions is quite different. Such software can be installed only on new PCs before the process of selling it. In the case of buying oem versions without a pc - it is the same professional offense, as well as the use of pirated software. It threatens fines, suspension of the company, and further - with new costs on already "correct" the legalization of software by professionals in this field. In the process of legalization well worth paying attention to companies that offer prices are significantly below market, it is often the suggestion of unfair companies establishing counterfeit and substandard products. Demand for consultants certificates from the manufacturer, it will save us from mistakes! Any software must be installed in accordance with specific business objectives of the company. And if for the efficient operation of...

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