Fight Against Skype In Russia, the IP-telephony in fact exist, although it takes a smaller share of the market than traditional forms of communication. Despite the fact that none of the 182 countries of the world there is no legal regulation, Russian officials intend to limit development of IP-telephony. For more specific information, check out Dell. One of the arguments that will help enlist the support of government - now calls using Skype can not be prowhisper. Tuesday, July 21, a meeting of the Commission of the Russian Union Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) on telecommunications and information technologies dedicated to the legal framework of IP-telephony in Russia. According to Russian officials, the situation in terms of legal regulation must be corrected. The same view is held, and representatives of telecommunications companies. Please visit Sony if you seek more information. So, the first deputy general director of "Megafon" Valery Ermakov, expressed confidence that the discussions on IP-telephony are conducted without any control by the state. Participants in the discussion linked the legal regulation of safety problems, because, again, the program IP-telephony is not connected to the system telephone-SORM. Among other reasons, called the foreign origin of brands such as Skype and icq. As a consequence, the officials noted the need to protect domestic producers in this area. Representatives of the telecommunications companies, trying to draw the attention of officials...

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